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Congratulations, Mai Rashwan, for Publishing Pioneering Research on Photothermal heating using nanodiamond-agarose gels.

We are proud to share our recently published collaborative work, "Nanodiamond-Agarose Gels for Effective Photothermal Heating," by Mai S. Rashwan, Prof. Harihara Baskaran, and Prof. Clemens Burda.

Our research shows that gels with smaller ND particles are more efficient for photothermal energy deposition, thanks to a synergistic interaction with the gel. This enhances photothermal efficiency in nanostructured media.

This research article is now available in the Advanced Functional Materials journal. You can access our paper from the following link:

Warmest congratulations to Mai Rashwan and Professor Burda on their outstanding paper publication!

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