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Redox-Active Eutectic Electrolyte with Viologen and Ferrocene Derivatives for Flow Batteries; Raziyeh Ghahremani, William Dean, Nicholas Sinclair, Xiaochen Shen, Nicholas Starvaggi, Ibrahim Alfurayj, Clemens Burda, Emily Pentzer, Jesse Wainright, Robert Savinell, and Burcu Gurkan; ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2023), 15, 1, 1148–1156


Evolution of microscopic heterogeneity and dynamics in choline chloride-based deep eutectic solvents; Spittle, Stephanie; Poe, Derrick; Doherty, Brian; Kolodziej, Charles ; Heroux, Luke ; Haque, Ashraful Md; Squire, Henry ; Cosby, Tyler; Zhang, Yong; Fraenza, Carla; Sahana Bhattacharyya, Madhusudan Tyagi, Jing Peng, Ramez A. Elgammal, Thomas Zawodzinski, Mark Tuckerman, Steve Greenbaum, Burcu Gurkan, Clemens Burda, Mark Dadmun, Edward J. Maginn &; Joshua Sangoro; Nature Communications (2022), 13(1), 219.


Improved Ultrafast Carrier Relaxation and Charge Transfer Dynamics in CuI Films and Their Heterojunctions via Sn Doping; Li, Zhongguo ; Wu, Haijuan; Cao, Hongtao; Liang, Lingyan ; Han, Yanbing ; Yang, Junyi; Song, Yinglin; Burda, Clemens; Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2022), 13(39), 9072-9078.


Directional damping of plasmons at metal-semiconductor interfaces; Liu, Guoning ; Lou, Yongbing ; Zhao, Yixin ; Burda, Clemens; Accounts of Chemical Research (2022), 55(13), 1845-1856.


Magnetic-plasmonic properties of CoFe2O4@Au nanocomposite; Alves, T. E. P.; Pessoni, H. V. S.; Franco, A. Jr.; Burda, C.; Samia, A.C.S.; Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids (2022), 164, 110630.


Targeted Chemoradiotherapy of Prostate Cancer Using Gold Nanoclusters with Protease Activatable Monomethyl Auristatin E; Luo, Dong; Wang, Xinning; Walker, Ethan; Springer, Sarah; Ramamurthy, Gopalakrishnan; Burda, Clemens; Basilion, James P.; ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2022), 14(13), 14916-14927.


Reduction of Electron Repulsion in Highly Covalent Fe-Amido Complexes Counteracts the Impact of a Weak Ligand Field on Excited-State Ordering; Larsen, Christopher B.; Braun, Jason D.; Lozada, Issiah B.; Kunnus, Kristjan; Biasin, Elisa; Kolodziej, Charles; Burda, Clemens; Cordones, Amy A.; Gaffney, Kelly J.; Herbert, David E.; Journal of the American Chemical Society (2021), 143(49), 20645-20656.


Solvation Dynamics of Wet Ethaline: Water is the Magic Component; Alfurayj, Ibrahim; Fraenza, Carla Cecilia; Zhang, Yong; Pandian, Rathiesh; Spittle, Stephanie; Hansen, Bryce; Dean, William; Gurkan, Burcu; Savinell, Robert; Greenbaum, Steve; Maginn Edward; Sangoro, Joshua; Burda, Clemens; Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2021), 125(31), 8888-8901.


Interfaces and interfacial carrier dynamics in perovskites; Alfurayj, Ibrahim A.; Li, Zhongguo; Burda, Clemens; Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2021), 125(28), 15113-15124.


In-situ construction of 3D nanoflower-like BiOI/Bi2SiO5 heterojunctions with enhanced photocatalytic performance for removal of decontaminants originated from a step-scheme mechanism; Dou, Lin; Zhong, Junbo; Li, Jianzhang; Pandian, Rathiesh; Burda, Clemens; Applied Surface Science (2021), 544, 148883.


Cu-Sb-S Ternary Semiconductor Nanoparticle Plasmonics; Liu, Guoning; Qi, Shaopeng; Chen, Jinxi; Lou, Yongbing; Zhao, Yixin; Burda, Clemens; Nano Letters (2021), 21(6), 2610-2617.


Microwave-assisted preparation of flower-like C60/BiOBr with significantly enhanced visible-light photocatalytic performance; Chen, Jiufu; Yang, Qi; Zhong, Junbo; Li, Jianzhang; Burda, Clemens; Applied Surface Science (2021), 540(1), 148340.


Recent development of gold nanoparticles as contrast agents for cancer diagnosis; Luo, Dong; Wang, Xinning; Burda, Clemens; Basilion, James P.; Cancers (2021), 13(8), 1825.


Light management in photoelectrochemical water splitting - from materials to device engineering; Chen, Yubin; Zheng, Wenyu; Murcia-Lopez, Sebastian; Lv, Fei; Morante, Joan Ramon; Vayssieres, Lionel; Burda, Clemens; Journal of Materials Chemistry C: Materials for Optical and Electronic Devices (2021), 9(11), 3726-3748.


Gold nanomaterials as key suppliers in biological and chemical sensing, catalysis, and medicine; Falahati, Mojtaba; Attar, Farnoosh; Sharifi, Majid; Saboury, Ali Akbar; Salihi, Abbas; Aziz, Falah Mohammad; Kostova, Irena; Burda, Clemens; Priecel, Peter; Lopez-Sanchez, Jose A.; et al.; Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, General Subjects (2020), 1864(1), 129435.


Nanoparticles Yield Increased Drug Uptake and Therapeutic Efficacy upon Sequential Near-Infrared Irradiation; Luo, Dong; Wang, Xinning; Walker, Ethan; Wang, Jing; Springer, Sarah; Lou, Jason; Ramamurthy, Gopalakrishnan; Burda, Clemens; Basilion, James P.; ACS Nano.


Targeted Radiosensitizers for MR-Guided Radiation Therapy of Prostate Cancer; Luo, Dong; Johnson, Andrew; Wang, Xinning; Li, Hao; Erokwu, Bernadette O.; Springer, Sarah; Lou, Jason; Ramamurthy, Gopalakrishnan; Flask, Chris A.; Burda, Clemens; Basilion, James;  Nano Letters (2020), 20(10), 7159-7167.


MoS2-Stratified CdS-Cu2-xS Core-Shell Nanorods for Highly Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production; Liu, Guoning; Kolodziej, Charles; Jin, Rong; Qi, Shaopeng; Lou, Yongbing; Chen, Jinxi; Jiang, Dechen; Zhao, Yixin; Burda, Clemens; ACS Nano (2020), 14(5), 5468-5479.


Metal Oxide-Based Tandem Cells for Self-Biased Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting; Chen, Yubin; Feng, Xiaoyang; Liu, Ya; Guan, Xiangjiu; Burda, Clemens; Guo, Liejin; ACS Energy Letters (2020), 5(3), 844-866.


Iron(II) coordination complexes with panchromatic absorption and nanosecond charge-transfer excited state lifetimes; Braun, Jason D.; Lozada, Issiah B.; Kolodziej, Charles; Burda, Clemens; Newman, Kelly M. E.; van Lierop, Johan; Davis, Rebecca L.; Herbert, David E.; Nature Chemistry (2019), 11(12), 1144-1150.


Visualizing the impact of chloride addition on the microscopic carrier dynamics of MAPbI3 thin films using femtosecond transient absorption microscopy; Yu, Jin; Li, Zhongguo; Kolodziej, Charles; Kuyuldar, Seher; Warren, W. S.; Burda, Clemens; Fischer, Martin C.; Journal of Chemical Physics (2019), 151(23), 234710/1-234710/8.


Electrochemical fabrication of rGO-embedded Ag-TiO2 nanoring/nanotube arrays for plasmonic solar water splitting; Sang, Lixia; Lei, Lei; Burda, Clemens; Nano-Micro Letters (2019), 11, 97.


On the potential for nanoscale metal-organic frameworks for energy applications; Kuyuldar, Seher; Genna, Douglas T.; Burda, Clemens; J. Mat. Chemistry A: Materials for Energy and Sustainability (2019), 7(38), 21545-21576.


Probing the Spatial Heterogeneity of Carrier Relaxation Dynamics in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Thin Films with Femtosecond Time-Resolved Nonlinear Optical Microscopy; Yu, Jin; Li, Zhongguo; Liao, Yuheng; Kolodziej, Charles; Kuyuldar, Seher; Warren, Warren S.; Burda, Clemens; Fischer, Martin C.; Advanced Optical Materials (2019), 7(22), 1901185. 


Halide exchange studies of novel Pd(II) NNN-pincer complexes; Kuyuldar, Seher; Burda, Clemens; Connick, William B.; RSC Advances (2019), 9(44), 25703-25711.


Prostate-specific membrane antigen targeted gold nanoparticles for prostate cancer radiotherapy: does size matter for targeted particles? Luo, Dong; Wang, Xinning; Zeng, Sophia; Ramamurthy, Gopalakrishnan; Burda, Clemens; Basilion, James P.; Chemical Science (2019), 10(35), 8119-8128.


Targeted Gold Nanocluster-Enhanced Radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer; Luo, Dong; Wang, Xinning; Zeng, Sophia; Ramamurthy, Gopalakrishnan; Burda, Clemens; Basilion, James P.; Small (2019), 15(34).


Tuning two-electron transfer in terpyridine-based platinum(II) pincer complexes; Kuyuldar, Seher; Burda, Clemens; Connick, William B.; RSC Advances (2019), 9(37), 21116-21124. 


Gold nanoparticle-based fluorescent theranostics for real-time image-guided assessment of DNA damage and repair; Srinivasan, Shriya S.; Seenivasan, Rajesh; Condie, Allison; Gerson, Stanton L.; Wang, Yanming; Burda, Clemens; International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2019), 20(3), 471. 


Effect of chloride substitution on interfacial charge transfer processes in MAPbI3 perovskite thin film solar cells: planar versus mesoporous; Li, Zhongguo; Kolodziej, Charles; McCleese, Christopher; Wang, Lili; Kovalsky, Anton; Samia, Anna Cristina; Zhao, Yixin; Burda, Clemens; Nanoscale Advances (2019), 1(2), 827-833.


Preparation and photocatalytic performance of MWCNTs/BiOCl: Evidence for the superoxide radical participation in the degradation mechanism of phenol; Ma, Dongmei; Zhong, Junbo; Li, Jianzhang; Burda, Clemens; Duan, Ran; Applied Surface Science (2019), 480, 395-403.


Photoexcited Dynamics in Metal Halide Perovskites: From Relaxation Mechanisms to Applications; Li, Zhongguo; Chen, Yubin; Burda, Clemens; Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2019), 123(6), 3255-3269.


Stable 2D Bisthienoacenes: Synthesis, Crystal Packing, and Photophysical Properties; Wang, Zunzhi; Li, Jinfeng; Zhang, Simeng; Wang, Qi; Dai, Gaole; Liu, Bingqing; Zhu, Xiaolin; Li, Zhongguo; Kolodziej, Charles; McCleese, Christopher; et al.; Chemistry - A European Journal (2018), 24(54), 14442-14447.


Optoelectronic Dichotomy of Mixed Halide CH3NH3Pb(Br1-​xClx)​3 Single Crystals: Surface versus Bulk Photoluminescence; Li, Zhongguo; Kolodziej, Charles; Zhang, Taiyang; McCleese, Christopher; Kovalsky, Anton; Zhao, Yixin; Lambrecht, Walter R. L.; Burda, Clemens; Journal of the American Chemical Society (2018), 140(37), 11811-11819.


Comparing Titania-​Based Architectures for Perovskite Solar Cells: A Combined Optical-​Electronic Loss Analysis; Kovalsky, Anton; McCleese, Christopher; Lin, Wei-Chun; Goldberg, Seth; Kolodziej, Charles; Burda, Clemens; Small Methods (2018), 2(1), n/a.


Prostate-​specific membrane antigen targeted gold nanoparticles for theranostics of prostate cancer; Mangadlao, Joey Dacula; Wang, Xinning; McCleese, Christopher; Escamilla, Maria; Ramamurthy, Gopalakrishnan; Wang, Ziying; Govande, Mukul; Basilion, James P.; Burda, Clemens; ACS Nano (2018), 12(4), 3714-3725.


Effect of particle shape and size on the morphology and optical properties of zinc oxide synthesized by the polyol method; Alves, T. E. P.; Kolodziej, C.; Burda, Clemens; Franco, A., Jr.;  Materials & Design (2018), 146, 125-133.


Excitonic Interactions in Bacteriochlorin Homo-​Dyads Enable Charge Transfer: A New Approach to the Artificial Photosynthetic Special Pair; McCleese, Christopher; Yu, Zhanqian; Esemoto, Nopondo N.; Kolodziej, Charles; Maiti, Buddhadev; Bhandari, Srijana; Dunietz, Barry D.; Burda, Clemens; Ptaszek, Marcin; Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2018), 122(14), 4131-4140.


Ultrafast Electron Transfer across a Nanocapsular Wall: Coumarins as Donors, Viologen as Acceptor, and Octa Acid Capsule as the Mediator, Chuang, Chi-Hung; Porel, Mintu; Choudhury, Rajib; Burda, Clemens; Ramamurthy, V. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2018), 122(1), 328-337.


Electron-​transfer dependent photocatalytic hydrogen generation over cross-​linked CdSe​/TiO2 type-​II heterostructure; Chen, Yubin; Chuang, Chi-Hung; Qin, Zhixiao; Shen, Shaohua; Doane, Tennyson; Burda, Clemens; Nanotechnology (2017), 28(8), 084002/1-084002/10.  


Temperature-​Dependent Thermal Conductivity Study of MAPbI3: Using Mild Aging To Reach a Thermal Percolation Threshold for Greatly Improved Heat Transport; Kovalsky, Anton; Wang, Lili; Guo, Xin; Dyck, Jeffrey S.; Burda, Clemens; Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2018), 122(25), 13243-13249.


Interpenetration of CH3NH3PbI3 and TiO2 improves perovskite solar cells while TiO2 expansion leads to degradation Quick View Other Sources By Lin, W. C.; Kovalsky, A.; Wang, Y. C.; Wang, L. L.; Goldberg, S.; Kao, W. L.; Wu, C. Y.; Chang, H. Y.; Shyue, J. J.; Burda, Clemens Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2017), 19(32), 21407-21413.


What Is the Optoelectronic Effect of the Capsule on the Guest Molecule in Aqueous Host​/Guest Complexes? A Combined Computational and Spectroscopic Perspective Quick View Other Sources By Bhandari, Srijana; Zheng, Zilong; Maiti, Buddhadev; Chuang, Chi-Hung; Porel, Mintu; You, Zhi-Qiang; Ramamurthy, Vaidhyanathan; Burda, Clemens; Herbert, John M.; Dunietz, Barry D. Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017), 121(28), 15481-15488.


Synthesis of ALD tungsten trioxide thin films from W(CO)​6 and H2O precursors; Zhang, Kai; McCleese, Christopher; Lin, Pengtao; Chen, Xin; Morales, Monica G.; Cao, Wei; Seo, Felix J.; Burda, Clemens; Baumgart, Helmut; ECS Transactions (2015), 69, 199-209.


Enhanced photocatalytic performance of Ag2O​/BiOF composite photocatalysts originating from efficient interfacial charge separation; Yang, Mei; Yang, Qi; Zhong, Junbo; Huang, Shengtian; Li, Jianzhang; Song, Jiabo; Burda, Clemens; Applied Surface Science (2017), 416, 666-671.


Nanotechnology for Electroanalytical Biosensors of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species; Seenivasan, Rajesh; Kolodziej, Charles; Karunakaran, Chandran; Burda, Clemens; Chemical Record (2017), 17(9), 886-901.


3D In Situ ToF-​SIMS Imaging of Perovskite Films under Controlled Humidity Environmental Conditions; Lin, Wei-Chun; Chang, Hsun-Yun; Abbasi, Kevin; Shyue, Jing-Jong; Burda, Clemens; Advanced Materials Interfaces (2017), 4(2), n/a.


Thermal Conductivity of CH3NH3PbI3 and CsPbI3: Measuring the Effect of the Methylammonium Ion on Phonon Scattering; Kovalsky, Anton; Wang, Lili; Marek, Gage T.; Burda, Clemens; Dyck, Jeffrey S.; Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2017), 121(6), 3228-3233.


Complete Conversion of PbI2 to Methyl Ammonium PbI3 Improves Perovskite Solar Cell Efficiency; Wang, Lili; Lin, Wei-Chun; McCleese, Christopher; Kovalsky, Anton; Zhao, Yixin; Burda, Clemens; ChemPhysChem (2017), 18(1), 47-50.


Imaging the Long Transport Lengths of Photo-generated Carriers in Oriented Perovskite Films; Liu, Shuhao; Wang, Lili; Lin, Wei-Chun; Sucharitakul, Sukrit; Burda, Clemens; Gao, Xuan P. A.; Nano Letters (2016), 16(12), 7925-7929.


Optical and electronic loss analysis of mesoporous solar cells; Kovalsky, Anton; Burda, Clemens; Semiconductor Science and Technology (2016), 31(7), 073001/1-073001/14.


Photoinduced Homolytic Bond Cleavage of the Central Si-C Bond in Porphyrin Macrocycles Is a Charge Polarization Driven Process; Maiti, Buddhadev; Manna, Arun K.; McCleese, Christopher; Doane, Tennyson L.; Chakrapani, Sudha; Burda, Clemens; Dunietz, Barry Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2016), 120(39), 7634-7640.


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Coordination engineering toward high performance organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites; Guo, Xin; Burda, Clemens; Coordination Chemistry Reviews (2016), 320-321, 53-65.


Reverse saturable absorbing cationic iridium(III) complexes bearing the 2-(2-quinolinyl)quinoxaline ligand: effects of different cyclometalating ligands on linear and nonlinear absorption; Sun, Wenfang; Pei, Chengkui; Lu, Taotao; Cui, Peng; Li, Zhongguo; McCleese, Christopher; Fang, Yu; Kilina, Svetlana; Song, Yinglin; Burda, Clemens; Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2016), 4(22), 5059-5072.


Fluorescent carbon dots from milk by microwave cooking; Wang, Dan; Zhu, Lin; McCleese, Christopher; Burda, Clemens; Chen, Jian-Feng; Dai, Liming; RSC Advances (2016), 6(47), 41516-41521.


Identification and characterization of the intermediate phase in hybrid organic-inorganic MAPbI3 perovskite; Guo, Xin; McCleese, Christopher; Kolodziej, Charles; Samia, Anna C. S.; Zhao, Yixin; Burda, Clemens; Dalton Transactions (2016), 45(9), 3806-3813.

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