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Exploring Functional Materials: Stefane's Takeaways from the 2023 ISAF-ISIF-PEM Conference

Stefane had an enriching experience at the 2023 ISAF-ISIF-PEM Joint Conference in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Her active involvement included presenting a poster on her research about studying the structural, optical, and dielectric properties of the (Na0.5Bi0.5)(X-1)RE(X)TiO3 system. This presentation showcased her dedicated work and findings in this complex study area.

The conference offered Stefane an invaluable opportunity to connect with professors and experts worldwide. Engaging with these seasoned professionals proved highly beneficial, as she received crucial feedback and gained insights that would significantly enhance her research on materials. The interdisciplinary nature of the event facilitated the exchange of diverse perspectives, contributing to her growth as a researcher.

In addition to her presentation, Stefane attended various lectures on different functional materials. These sessions opened up new avenues of knowledge for her, equipping her with valuable information she plans to incorporate into her future research endeavors. Overall, the conference proved to be a platform for collaboration, learning, and personal development, underscoring the importance of such gatherings in advancing materials science.

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